Learn Fish Philosophy Online

Learn Fish Philosophy Online

Inspiring Culture Change is about to get easier

For over two decades businesses from all types of industries have been implementing the World Famous FISH! Philosophy to help them inspire improved workplace culture. This unique training program provides engaging video content, learning resources, and practical tools that managers, business leaders, and HR professionals LOVE! The FISH! film shows examples of people being fully present and connecting with their customers.

The Fishmongers practice Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude on a daily basis and the result became World Famous!

Everyone can relate to the content since it is easily digestible and full of ah-ha moments that inspire employees from all levels to take ownership of their own actions and behaviours.

Learners are invited to commit to adopting The FISH! Philosophy and when a team agrees to implement FISH! awesome things can happen.

The challenge up until now has been how to spread the word consistently and keep FISH! alive? After watching the FISH! film, what’s next? Well, this is where the new FISH! eLearning comes in.

Where the FISH! film shows The FISH! Philosophy in action the new FISH! eLearning course will teach you the four key practices of The FISH! Philosophy and inspire you to take action toward fully-engaged living. Learn what it means to become more authentic in your workplace and inspire others to Play. Find out how you can Be There for your customers and colleagues and Make Their Day.

See how something as simple as Choosing Your Attitude can impact on the lives of those around you while also improving your own wellbeing.

The engaging eLearning course features a fun fishing Coach that will guide you through The FISH! Philosophy. She will invite you to watch exclusive video content where you will hear from people who are living to their full potential by applying FISH! to their work and personal lives. Engaging interactive activities will demonstrate how to live The FISH! Philosophy in different situations. Most valuable of all, the course will allow you to contribute to creating your ideal culture in your workplace and make a plan to take action and ignite your creative spirit.

This unique eLearning course will include a company culture survey and once all employees have completed the course a report will be provided by your FISH!ing Coach and serve as an excellent culture benchmark. Invite your team to complete this FISH! eLearning annually to build a better culture in your organisation. This course is due out in April 2018! Let us know if you are interested in more information.

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Improve employability skills and become a Standout Candidate!

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