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Work shouldn’t be this stressful!

When you see your team's morale declining it's easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed and start to wonder if you've done something wrong as a leader. Most leaders spend precious hours outside of work stressing how to improve culture at work. Are you dealing with:
  • Bad Attitudes
  • Poor Behaviours
  • High Staff Turnover
  • Low Productivity
  • Divided Teams

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Your company morale matters at The Training Store. We have helped over 10,000 people boost employee morale and create an engaging company culture.

Our company's mission is Transforming Culture in Australian businesses because we believe with all our heart that people deserve to spend less time worrying about work and more time enjoying their life away from work.
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A Discovery Call will allow us to gauge where your team is currently ranked at on the Positive Culture Chart and further understand your vision for success as a Leader.
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During a one on one coaching session online with our Director of FUN we will develop your Customised Positive Culture Plan. This will include easy to follow steps that you can implement straight away.
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Step 3 Success

Utilise customised resources and training to confidently lead your team to happiness. Measure your success with a Culture Survey. Exhale and start to enjoy work more knowing you are making a real difference!
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Let's schedule a Discovery Call to create a Custom Positive Culture Plan together. After our call you will have a clear understanding of what you need to do lead your team happier days ahead. Then you can exhale and start to enjoy work and life more. We got your back!

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You can do better than just sharing a morale-boosting video

Low employee morale does not disappear after watching a video.

The high cost of low company morale

Disengaged teams are less productive, lack customer focus, and more inclined to cease effort and adopt detrimental habits. This happens when Leaders are unclear about setting company culture goals, employees have not been adequately trained, or feel no ownership over their job.

Employees become disinterested in going the extra mile if they don't believe the leadership team values them or the assigned projects don't matter to them. Here's what senior leaders regularly see with disengaged employees:
  • Increased absenteeism
  • High staff turnover
  • Poor customer service
  • Damage to brand & reputation
  • Difficulty attracting quality new employees
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A happier workplace begins with a 30-minute Discovery Call

We like to cover:
  • Culture strategy and leadership goals.
  • Culture or productivity concerns.
  • Examples of how we coach our clients.
  • Create a plan that works for you and your teams.
  • Discuss pricing and budgets.
  • Answer any questions you might have. Ask us anything.

If office morale can wait...

Explore our range of resources and services to help with your team's morale.

The Training Store specialises in a range of industries. We also pioneered an online course based on the world-famous Fish Philosophy.

What every leader needs to know about Positive Employee Morale

Team members’ morale isn’t only measured by how content your employees are; it’s also a reflection of how healthy your company culture is, how effectively you and other leaders communicate with teams, and how competent your managers are.

Staff morale skyrockets when they feel cared for by their organisation. Since many taxing distractions have characterised this year, ensuring that your staff gets the assistance they require to give their best selves to work each day is more crucial than ever.

Here are six different methods to support a flourishing culture and preserve staff enthusiasm all year long.

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1. Start having regular 1:1s

Regular communication is one of the most effective ways to boost employee morale. 

It may be challenging to keep up with your teams and ensure managers do the same with their direct reports without the proper tools and day-to-day practices.

Giving your staff a structure for having better one-on-ones will allow them to get the most out of each meeting. We’ve seen this increase trust, engagement, and productivity.

Staff morale skyrockets when they feel cared for by their organisation. Since many taxing distractions have characterised this year, ensuring that your staff gets the assistance they require to give their best selves to work each day is more crucial than ever.

Here are six different methods to support a flourishing culture and preserve staff enthusiasm all year long.

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2. Roll out tools for employees to provide feedback

Managers have traditionally led the feedback process as a tool for assisting employees in correcting mistakes and developing. However, the best approach to enhance the free flow of feedback is to help individuals find it independently.

Asking for feedback is a surprisingly strong technique for self-improvement, especially when it’s part of routine performance management. It may even be thought of as a deliverable, the final step in any project.

It’s easier for individuals to take control of their development when they can get help whenever they need it, especially in moments when they are most susceptible. And seeing their success is one of the most motivating things available.

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3. Train your leaders to coach, not manage people

Fostering an atmosphere that recognises and nurtures employees’ special skills encourages businesses to remain agile during challenging economic periods. Leaders can utilise this method by assisting team members in developing job descriptions that connect their interests with the organisation’s mission. This naturally boosts employee morale, engagement, and obtrusiveness.

Managers who are good at leading don’t just push for high performance; they also prioritise assisting people to discovering their natural talents and encourage them to seize opportunities to apply them. This not only taps into a more intrinsic sort of motivation for workers, but it also allows bosses to improve the skills of their teams.

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4. Embrace personal & professional development

Setting your workers up to be successful in their position begins with giving them all of the tools and resources they require to do their job correctly. This includes expert training. You may practice this from day one by establishing a comprehensive knowledge base of essential information and best practices for new employees as your team expands.

Remote employees may not be able to do so at your desk, so creating a comprehensive training plan is especially critical for getting them up to speed.

Remember, your staffer isn’t simply there to help your company. Employee development must be comprehensive for people to both develop personally and professionally. Encourage employees to improve their softer abilities, such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.

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5. Show appreciation to your employees

According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Leadership Institute, high-performing teams are more supportive and complementary than low-performing ones. And when executives recognise people’s strengths and contributions, they’re far more active, productive, and innovative.

Appreciation can spread like wildfire when it’s shared. When you express thanks, it becomes contagious. You may help raise employee morale almost immediately by sending a short thank you note or just recognising someone’s hard work. Plus, praising people regularly can help relieve some of the daily stress that many workers are experiencing today.

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6. Don’t forget the fun factor

There are times when you should be severe, and there are others when it’s better to relax, have a good time, and get to know your co-workers.

Look for techniques to bring more of your genuine self to the workplace, and look for options to get to know your teams on a more personal level. You become more relatable and approachable when you exhibit more of your genuine self at work. You’re all people, not workers with a boss.


FAQs about How to Boost Employee Morale

Increased morale leads to more confidence and happiness.

Employee morale is the mood and attitude of employees and their outlook on their jobs, coworkers, and eventually their employer. Are they generally happy with their employment? Do they feel driven and engaged at work?

One employee’s attitude may influence another at times, causing a chain reaction that is either beneficial or negative. The primary aim of any business should be to keep its employees pleased; to achieve high employee morale. Employees are more likely to gripe frequently if their overall morale is low, and they are less productive and committed to staying for a long time.

Our top six strategies to increase morale include regular 1:1s, employee feedback, coaching, professional & personal development, showing appreciation, and most importantly – making work fun!

A high level of morale entails a favourable attitude and increased job satisfaction, as well as the willingness to give one’s best at work. High confidence leads to a sense of self-assurance in one’s work and the capacity to deal with minor setbacks on the job.