Fish Philosophy Activities, Printables, and Examples​

Build a Positive Leadership Mindset

Stop struggling with supporting a team that is feeling overloaded, resistant to change and going into meltdown mode.
Happiness Kit

Happiness Kit: Based on Fish Philosophy Activities

This kit will help you prepare your workplace or home for a Happy year ahead. Use these simple tips and activities to inspire your

FISH Thank You Cards

FISH Thank You Cards

Download these fun Fish Thank You cards that you can print in-house to help motivate your team to acknowledge and celebrate each others’ efforts.

Stinky Fish Exercise

Stinky Fish Exercise

Make that Stinky Fish FRESH again! Introduce a new way to solve problems and encourage your team to share tasks, behaviours, procedures, policies, or

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Choose your attitude cards

The #1 thing people share as their “A-ha” moment after being introduced to The FISH! Philosophy is that we all have the ability to choose our own attitude! It is a conscious choice that we make every day, moment by moment.

Use these fun cards as a way to discuss the impact certain attitudes can have on situations, customers, and colleagues. See how this life skill can change your work and home life for the better. This might even be a fun activity to bring home to share with the family.



Conversation Cards

Let’s face it relationships are essential at work. We may not be best friends with everyone we work with but when we have a good relationship with our colleagues it really helps make work more enjoyable and we can achieve more together when we like and respect each other. When teams practice The Fish Philosophy we always start with the foundation principle of Be There. This is where individuals choose to set aside distractions and not pre-judge a situation or person without first having a conversation and actually listen while having these conversations.

When teams practice Be There it helps them to connect more with each other. People start to realise that we all have things in common and it is these commonalities that bring us together and help us to build trust and respect. Being there also allows people to start to understand that we all have our owns things going on in our lives so don’t be so quick or harsh to judge a person or a behaviour. There may very well be a good reason why your colleague or customer is upset, sad, or frustrated.

Like with all other skills in life, we need to practice Being There and these conversation cards are an excellent activity that you can incorporate into either face-to-face or online meetings. Pair up and select a conversation card with 2 options (A&B). The pair then reads their cards and completed the conversation as outlined on each corresponding card.

We find that this activity opens gives teams time to connect and learn more about each other while using the four practices of FISH! Teams that are more introverted will enjoy this activity since it is one that can be practiced in smaller groups. You can choose to have each pair share further details with the team or debrief some key highlights. Either way, you are creating meaningful conversations and building relationships.

Make a day cards

There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling you get when you have truly made someone’s day. It gives a person purpose and a sense of achievement and can often be the difference between someone having a really negative and difficult day and having a day that is fun, enjoyable, and productive. We all know the importance of being kind and looking after others. But do we really know how to Make Someone’s Day?

When you introduce FISH! to your team it is not just about being polite and thanking people after they do a favour for you. When people adopt FISH! and take it to heart they are actually on the lookout for people that need their day made. Now we all know that everyone is different and therefore before you can truly make someone’s day you have to Be There. Start to pay attention to what members of your team love, what are they passionate about, Play this fun day, and become a Day Maker.

Use these Make A Day cards to play a fun day either online or in-person with your team and find creative ways to make each other’s days. You can use these in small team meetings to also identify what would make your customers’ days too.


FISH! Film on USB

Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion and a positive attitude with them each day. An environment in which people are truly connected to their work to their colleagues and to their customers. Impossible? Not at all.

Share the World Famous Original FISH! film with your team and help lead your people toward creating that environment of what we call The FISH! Philosophy. Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude and Play.

Includes Chapter Selections, Bonus Materials and Subtitles. This film is 18 minutes in length. 

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4 Simple Practices

Use these four practices to improve Productivity and Positivity.

Be There

Be There

Connect with people while working remotely. Focus on how Be There can help people come together in stressful times. Build trust with people in your life by being fully present for them when they need you.

Choose Your Attitude

Choose Your Attitude

We may not be able to choose the situation we are all facing around the world. However we can choose our own personal attitude moment by moment. Become aware of how your attitude is impacting the people in your life. You can be that positive ray of hope that we all desire.

Make Their Day

Make Their Day

Every moment is an opportunity to make a positive difference. Be inspired to look for ways to create Make Their Day moments for people in your life. This can be done remotely or over the phone. Be the positive difference that makes them smile.



Having fun is essential and psychologists have said that we actually crave Play. Learn how to apply the other 3 practices to find appropriate play. While we can not have a lighthearted approach to health and safety we can still have fun. Explore ways to find play every day. Play is a mindset you can apply to any task. It boosts energy, reduces stress, and improves creativity.