The Training Store

Who are we?

At The Training Store, we guide people to Happiness by introducing an easy-to-follow framework that leads to more satisfied and productive lives at work and home. Our training is delivered online and in-person and is customised to meet our clients’ needs.

We believe that everyone has the right to be happy at work and home. We are committed to guiding our clients to happiness by introducing a ‘Way of Being’ that when adopted creates a common language to connect teams and help them with bringing their values to life.

Danielle on stage

We love what we do!

We love guiding our clients on their journey to creating an improved workplace culture where teams enjoy their work and treat each other with respect.

It all starts with learning all about our clients’ issues (or as we call them ‘stinky fish’) and then we work closely with them to develop tailored solutions and partner with them to transform their goal into a reality. We often become close friends with our clients since this journey is one of strengthening relationships and creating connections. 

Danielle & Tracy

Who are our clients?

We work with organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Our amazing clients span across many industries such as; Hospitality/Tourism, Scientific, Manufacturing, Health, Automotive, Security, Retail, Entertainment, and many more. Anyone looking to create happy workplace culture or exceptional customer service is potentially someone we would be able to help.

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We have over a decade of experience with sharing this positive Way of Being with businesses and we love what we do. We are proud to be the only exclusive FISH! Training provider in Australia and been awarded Best International Distributor and Training Provider from ChartHouse Learning, FISH! founders.