The Training Store

Who are we?

Hi there! I’m Danielle Peters, Director of FUN and this is Tracy Kearney Director of FUN Squared. We are The Training Store by PST.

Danielle has been training The FISH! Philosophy to organisations across Australia and NZ for close to a decade. In addition to FISH! Tracy keeps busy as CEO of Prestige Service Training and has been helping youth create career pathways through accredited training for over 10 years.

Our teams are passionate about having FUN and we share our energy and enthusiasm with our valued clients. We are here to support you with your Culture Transformation and excited to guide you through the successful implementation of The FISH! Philosophy. We look forward to working with your team in the near future.

Danielle on stage

Our values

Not only do we train and coach FISH! but we believe in living the philosophy daily. Our values remind us to be: Inspiring, Positive, Respectful, Supportive, Energetic, Present, Engaging, Mindful, Fun, and Passionate.

Our workshops are not your typical boring professional development sessions. We believe it is essential to incorporate fun, energy, and enthusiasm into each one of our workshops, keynote talks, and coaching sessions. It is our mission to create team-building experiences that transform workplaces.

Danielle & Tracy

What we do

The Training Store has been Fishing for close to a decade…

Our team is passionate about having FUN and we share our energy and enthusiasm with our valued clients and fellow FISH! fans all over Australia. 

We enjoy supporting our clients on their journey to creating an improved workplace culture where teams enjoy their work and treat each other with respect. Our services ranged from workshops, conferences, and keynotes to Coaching, training materials, and online content. 

However, what we love most is learning what you want to achieve and partnering with you to help your people and culture goal become a reality. We often become close friends with our clients since this journey is one of strengthening relationships and creating connections. 

Danielle Keynote

We have close to a decade of experience with FISH! and it is 100% of what we do. We are the only exclusive FISH! Training provider in Australia and proud to have been awarded Best International Distributor and Training Provider from ChartHouse Learning, FISH! founders.

Say goodbye to boring workshops that don’t bring results. Participants consistently rate our sessions high for interactivity, effectiveness, and fun.

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