Fish eLearning now Available

FISH! eLearning is available now in Australia & New Zealand

We are thrilled to share that after 12 months of hard work, Charthouse Learning has finished the first FISH! eLearning course. The Training Store is partnering with Charthouse Learning to test the waters here in Australia & New Zealand before the rest of the world.

So how can you use this new FISH! Course? Here are 3 ways that might help to Make Your Day.

  1. Refresh -It can be assigned to employees that have attended a LIVE FISH! Experience workshop as a follow-up and reminder to help further explore practical ways to embed The FISH! Philosophy into the organisation. We would recommend you assign the eLearning 6 months after attendance to a face to face FISH! training and then again annually. Like compliance, culture is an area of your business that can not be “trained” once and left alone it requires on-going maintenance in order to achieve excellence or World Famous status!
  2. Introduce – Used as an introduction to the World Famous FISH! Philosophy whenever attending face to face training is not an option, too cost-prohibitive or to ‘catch’ employees up on FISH! if they missed out on attending your LIVE FISH! Experience. You can assign this through your LMS or if you don’t have one we can assign the training or provide you with a link for your employees to self enroll.
  3. Self-improvement – This 1-hour interactive course is excellent for personal development. If you are looking to improve your outlook on life or land your dream job adopting The FISH! Philosophy is bound to make a SPLASH. Use the four practices to create the life you want.

If you are in HR, People, and Culture or Learning & Development, we would love to invite you to our FISH! eLearning launches at capital cities in May, June & July. Please get in touch with us directly if you are interested in more information.

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