Importance of FUN at Work

Work is work, and play is play, right? The two should be kept separate – at least, according to many executive management strategies. But not according to The Fish Philosophy.

Fun is one of the best parts of life – and excluding it from the workplace entirely is a bad idea. Of course, your business should not be a playground. Although if you take time to establish a set of guidelines you can invite your team to PLAY and thus create an enjoyable productive playing field at work.

Some organisations limit the fun to a specific time slot like “Fun Fridays”, unfortunately, this sends a message that the rest of the workweek is not fun. Play in The FISH! Philosophy isn’t just about “Crazy Hat Day”. It is an attitude that you can bring to everything you do. If work is a word to describe what you do then Play describes how you do it.

In 2018 why not start encouraging your employees to have fun, by leading by example? Try to not take yourself so serious. Of course you will be serious about your work however you can also adopt a light-hearted approach and choose to “PLAY” with an idea that is offered up by a team member instead of reacting with “That won’t work.” or “We already tried that and it didn’t work.” Playing at work can allow your team to get to know each other. Team building exercises and regular events can have many benefits!

Why Is Fun Important In The Workplace?

There are so many reasons that fun is valuable for your employees.

  • Fun helps keep employees happy – Employee happiness is essential for a smoothly-functioning, effective business. Even the smallest gestures can help your employees be more satisfied with their jobs. Of course, we know happy employees = happy customers and happy customers are more likely to continue to do business with your company.

Whether you create fun job titles, challenge your team to come up with fun and effective ways to answer the phone or leave uplifting energetic voicemails or host a monthly employee birthday party, encouraging your employees to have fun is a great way to keep them happy. Allow your team to come up with creative ways they can make mundane or routine tasks more enjoyable and give small prizes for the FUN idea that creates new efficiencies for the business.

  • Employees can get to know each other – This is an especially great benefit if your company has multiple departments or locations, and many employees don’t know each other very well. Building stronger relationships internally can help with teamwork, respect and communication.

Events like team-building off-site and pre or post-work workouts or sports leagues can encourage interdepartmental communication, and help all of your employees get to know one another – nothing else helps people bond like participating in a fun group event! Allow your team to create memories together and celebrate at the end of each year with a fun slideshow of all your awesome team events.

  • Encourages company loyalty, and better workplace culture – If your company has a truly unique, fun-focused culture, you’re going to be able to retain talent more effectively, and employees will be more loyal to your company.

It’s simple – if employees feel like they are working with people they care about they will enjoy coming to work. This type of environment takes time to create but is well worth the effort. It is also difficult to leave since they may not get the same positive, unique culture at another company, give your employees reasons to brag about their workplace. That means the business will benefit from a lower turnover, and higher employee satisfaction rates.

How Can I Encourage Fun In The Workplace?

Well, this would depend on the specifics of your workplace. But here are a few ideas:

  • Set up a FUN committee to look after FUN at work and rotate quarterly
  • Organise regular meet-ups outside of work hours; such as picnics, lunchtime walks, early morning group fitness classes, and encourage employee participation.
  • Give employees treats, small rewards, or toys (Pete The Perch) you will be surprised at how FUN unexpected items can Make Someone’s Day
  • Encourage employees to formwork sports leagues
  • Have seasonal special events (holiday parties, charity fundraising, Melbourne Cup lunch, etc.)
  • Off-site team building events and weekends
  • Set up a game room with ping-pong, create a relaxing outdoor space have lawn cricket or other games available for lunchtime breaks

Just a few minutes of fun a day can help your employees feel more engaged, positive, and happy – and that’s a great thing!

Learn More About Fun And Positivity With The FISH! Philosophy

Happy workers are effective workers. PLAY is one of the four practices that make up the FISH! Philosophy. You will also want to Be There, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude. Use these four practices to make sure that your employees are engaged and satisfied and create a better corporate culture.

So don’t miss out – learn more about how to incorporate fun in the workplace by checking out the FISH! Philosophy course materials now!

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