3 Reasons why you NEED to be Authentic

3 Reasons why you NEED to be Authentic

In today’s competitive marketplace businesses are on the lookout for ways to stand out from the competition and win business. Could it be as easy as being authentic? I would say – YES, authenticity is key, especially for businesses that use The Fish Philosophy.

Customers and employees alike are sick of stilted, corporate attitudes. They want authenticity – to feel as if they’re being listened to by real people, and that their concerns are going to be addressed.

This is especially true when it comes to customer service. Rigid, inflexible, and corporate customer service leaves customers angry and frustrated. On the other hand, authentic, human-focused customer service can make them happy with the results of their customer service inquiry – even if the outcome was not exactly what they wanted.

Learn about the 3 reasons you NEED to provide authentic customer service below – and think about how you can implement a more authentic, human approach to dealing with your customers.

1. Customers Feel Like They Matter

There’s nothing worse than feeling ignored, especially when it comes to customer service. Think about the last time you were on a customer service call. Did you have to wait in a long queue for your call to be answered? Were you treated like a person – or just another “problem” to be dealt with?

Authentic customer service makes each customer feel valued – like they matter. Engaging with customers on a human level helps you understand their needs more deeply, and will help you provide better customer service.

2. Authentic Service Reflects Well On Your Company

Customers who have great service experiences are much more likely to recommend your company to friends, colleagues, or others. 59% of consumers would try a new brand or company if they were offered a “better customer service experience”. Outstanding customer service reflects well on your business as a whole, making it very valuable indeed.

3. Emotional Intelligence Leads To Customer Satisfaction

Authenticity is just one part of emotional intelligence. Understanding the emotions, feelings, and frustration of your customers is the best way to make sure you can resolve their issue in a way that’s satisfactory.

Allowing your employees to be empathetic and authentic allows them to gain a better understanding of how a customer is feeling. In turn, this will help you solve their issues more quickly and effectively.

Be Authentic. Be Real. Watch Your Company Thrive!

Authentic customer service has its basis in the FISH! Philosophy of team building. FISH! can help you create a more friendly, authentic culture that will result in better customer service experiences, and happier employees.

So don’t just read about it – see what The Fish Philosophy can do for your career!

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