Fish Philosophy at School


Fish Philosophy at Schools

Taroom P-10 State School

Since our FISH workshop with Danielle, teachers and school leaders have investigated ways they can embed the FISH Philosophy into the school culture.

So far we have implemented the FISH Student Programs into the junior secondary resilience lessons where students learn about and engage with the four FISH practices of “Be There”, “Make Their Day”, Choose Your Attitude” and “Play”. We have aligned each of these practices to our weekly school-wide behaviour expectations to make them a little more “fun and fishy” and to keep the language of FISH swimming across our Prep-Year 10 campus. Some classes have included fishy themes into their learning experiences. For example, in Design and Technology, Year 2 students designed and created fish plasticine models requiring them to make drawings and designs of fish and manipulate various tools to construct their fantastic fish.

In the future, we plan to create some fishy murals and signs to visually reinforce the FISH Philosophy messages.

Angela HESLIN, Principal Taroom P-10 State School

Taroom State School Photo
Taroom State School Loog

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