Six Steps to Creating Positive Culture

team meeting

Step ONE: Team Meeting

First we start with introducing a common language to the Leaders through interactive FISH workshops.


Step TWO: Report

We will make your life easier by capturing all of the “A-ha” moments in an easy-to-read comprehensive report. Making it easy to put your team’s awesome ideas into action.

customised resources

Step THREE: Customised Resources

All workshops and materials are customised to make your experience truly memorable and unique.

customised fish online course

Step FOUR: Customised FISH! Online Course

Follow up and reinforce the information shared in your workshop with your own customised online course. Invite your team to deep dive into their own personal journey of FISH!

measure your culture benchmarking

Step FIVE: Measure Your Culture Benchmarking

After your team completes their online course we will create your Culture Benchmarking Report and schedule a one-on-one coaching session to discuss the results and plan for future improvements.

digital credentials

Step SIX: Digital Credentials

Reward your team for their successful completion of the team’s culture journey with your own digital credentials. Demonstrate that you are an employer of choice and attract high-quality new employees when recruiting.

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Keep Swimming

The FISH! Philosophy is training that inspires workplaces and individuals to choose to create the kind of life they desire. It is a simple Way of Being that allows teams to come together and agree to enjoy work more.
Life is too precious to not Be There so do yourself a favour and take the time to enjoy every moment of your life. It’s your choice.
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