Go1 Hooks Workplace Culture

Go1 Hooks Workplace Culture

MOVE aside TomKat, Brangelina and Kimye – there’s a new celebrity couple in town. A recently formed relationship between established companies Go1 and FISH! – or “GoFish” as some might call it – looks set to rewrite the recipe for organisational success. Together, they will deliver a program of eLearning for organisational culture currently unprecedented in the marketplace.

“We are thrilled that FISH! will now be available to GO1.com Premium clients,” said Danielle Peters, Director of Fun with The Training Store.

“Millions of individuals have been trained on FISH! around the world and this partnership will now make it easier for HR and People & Culture Managers to share FISH! with their team.”

Passion. Fun. Energy. Engagement. The philosophy underpinning FISH! to improve organisational culture taps into these key elements and has been used successfully by over 50,000 companies across the world since 1998. Techniques aimed at making individuals happy and active in the workplace are based around the four principles of Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day, and Play. FISH! is also used successfully in schools to create environments where teachers and students are excited and passionate about learning.

The FISH! program will now be more easily accessible to organisations via eLearning on Go1.com Premium, an established leader in learning management systems and content provision. Currently offering more than 100,000 online courses across a wide range of industries, Go1 has been successfully used by companies across the world. While eLearning is typically used for compliance training, this collaboration will give FISH! clients the opportunity to use the effective Go1 platform to improve organisational culture.

FISH! eLearning will offer flexibility, the chance to reignite the philosophy for those with previous training or equip new staff for success, help overcome geographical challenges, offer career and personal development, and allow the reporting and tracking of progress.

It is a relationship which both parties believe is an innovative step forward.
“Go1 is excited to have FISH! come on board as a Go1 content partner. Their high-quality training content will be a great value add to our Go1 Premium offering” – Rohan Chandler, Head of Content at Go1

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